Afghanistan MPs: ‘$8 Million Embezzled Daily’ at Customs

Afghanistan MPs: ‘$8 Million Embezzled Daily’ at Customs

The Afghan acting minister of finance on Wednesday did not deny claims by lawmakers in Parliament who alleged that $8 million worth of revenue is being embezzled at customs on a daily basis, but he did say there are reports of corruption involving governors, police commanders, employees of the Ministry of Finance as well as ordinary citizens.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Commerce and Industries said that there is also extortion on the highways, and mentioned that along with corruption, the poor economy is a factor. 

The two cabinet ministers made the remarks during a session in Parliament. Both were summoned by the Wolesi Jirga, the house of representatives, to account for the recent fires that destroyed fuel trucks in Herat, Farah and Kabul provinces

The minister of transport did not attend the session and lawmakers called for him to be impeached in the near future. 

Despite persistent calls by lawmakers, the minister of finance did not disclose the names of those accused of corruption.