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Systems Integrity Development™

UNISHKA created Systems Integrity Development™ (SID) to address internal control weakness and human factor deficiencies within an organization. Unlike Vulnerability to Corruption Assessments that uncover corruption, SID identifies existing and potential corruption risks, analyzes those risks, and then develops contextualized reforms to facilitate sustainable change. The final, and arguably most difficult, phase of an SID is to ensure that the approved reforms are implemented within the existing environment. These environments are often highly politicized with multiple groups, sects, tribes, or political parties receiving some benefit from corruption.

Vulnerable Population Assessment

UNISHKA’s Vulnerable Population Assessment examines the impact of corruption on vulnerable populations such as gender, religious, and ethnic minorities, as well as other key groups.

Reports of Significant Corruption

UNISHKA’s Reports of Significant Corruption (RSC), unlike our SID, focus on specific instances of grand corruption and the associated perpetrators. These reports are provided to INL and the Visa Restrictions and Sanctions Team to assist them in fulfilling their legal obligations under Presidential Proclamation 7750 (To Suspend Entry of Persons Engaged in or Benefiting from Corruption), et.al.  These reports examine whether available information from credible sources is sufficient to demonstrate that the individual(s) identified offered to provide an article of monetary value or other benefit to a public official, in exchange for an act or omission in the performance of the official’s public function and that such act or omission has or had a serious adverse effect on the national interest of the United States.

We make no recommendation concerning the eligibility of any person for entry into the United States. The information contained in these reports are collected in accordance with the laws of the United States, its respective states and applicable international agreements. 

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Anti-Corruption Principles & Practices

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