Arabic press review: Senior Egyptian judge charged with corruption

Arabic press review: Senior Egyptian judge charged with corruption

28 Jun 2022 (MIDDLE EAST EYE)

Leaked documents reveal that one of Egypt‘s most prominent senior judges has been charged with corruption and other crimes, and he is currently on trial, according to Arabi 21.

Exclusive documents published on its website revealed details of the official investigation by the Supreme State Security Prosecution into Sami Mahmoud Ali Abdel Rahim, 56, the head of the Ismailia Court of Appeal.

The judge has issued dozens of sentences against members of the political opposition in Egypt, including death sentences and life imprisonment.

He is charged with receiving bribes from businessmen, drugs and arms dealers, some of whom are now among the defendants, in exchange for granting them acquittals in cases he was presiding over.

According to Arabi 21, a “prohibited automatic rifle”, smuggled from outside Egypt and banned from private ownership in the country, was seized from the judge when he was arrested, along with ammunition for the rifle and various drugs.

About a month ago, Egyptian authorities issued an order banning coverage of the judge’s case

Among scores of judgments by the judge against political opponents were those against Mohammed Badie, the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In most of the cases, the judge issued sentences of 25 years’ imprisonment, according to Arabi21.