Iranian Anti-Corruption Series-Volume 1

About This Project

This Booklet is the first in a series on anti-corruption in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This series required extensive research both internationally and with anti-corruption academics and activists in Iran. The hope is that this series can be used by academics and practitioners to reduce the opportunities for corruption and strengthen the institutions created to combat it. Current research indicates that anti-corruption organizations are most effective when led by men and women of integrity, honor and a devotion to public service. This does not mean people of perfection; it means people who strive to do their best without misusing their positions for their own self-interests. Virtually every country on the planet has some leaders who are dedicated to the interests of the people and some leaders who are dedicated to their own self-interests. While this series is not intended to be political, neither is it intended to be apolitical. When government officials are involved in corruption, even heads of state, it is counterproductive to shield them from public scrutiny. Therefore, the information contained in this series is presented in an unvarnished fashion to stimulate further research.